The 13+1 best pool parties in Las Vegas

The ever-growing pool parties in Las Vegas is taking daytime partying to a new level and at VipandVegas, we can get you to the best of the bunch. There are numerous pool parties every day of the week and at VipandVegas we can arrange daybeds, cabanas and bungalows and advise you the hottest pool parties in town.

Wet Republic

Location: MGM Grand pool area.
Music: EDM, Hip-hop, House, Mash-ups
Resident DJs: Hottest Djs around the globe includes the likes of Calvin Harris, Tiesto and many more

Wet+RepublicPutting a massive party around a pool is Wet Republic’s way of proving, once again, that Hakkasan Group knows how to throw a bash whether it’s wet, dry or something steamy in between.

This super wet pool club has saltwater pools for a little extra flavour in each dip. And the volume of the space, which is something like 54,000 square feet with 6,000 being the pools and 2,500 being the open-air lounge (if any of that means anything to you) makes the crowds drawn to Wet Republic even more impressive.

The long, long bar area gives you frozen drinks to keep you kind of cool in the Vegas heat. And if you spring for one of the cabanas or VIP bungalows you can also get pitcher service of mojitos or other summer drinks. The cabanas are your typical poolside rest spots, with a Hakkasan-level glamour that includes giant TVs and Blu-ray players. And the bungalows are beyond luxury with guarded access, plush furniture, TVs, misting fans, private plunge pools shared by the bungalows and separate restroom and shower facilities — so you don’t have to design to pee with the commoners. But what really sets Wet Republic apart from the competition is the level of performers pulled into the MGM Grand.

Syncing with nearby Hakkasan Nightclub, artists like Tiësto, Steve Aoki, Calvin Harris, Krewella and much more grace the booth and get the beats moving.

Between the sound system and the huge LED setup over the DJ booth, you might forget the sky is real and not just a really well-done nightclub design. But when the breeze hits you as you splash and dance you’ll remember one thing about Wet Republic: This is the Vegas pool club where afternoons are made. When you go to Wet Republic, don’t relax too hard; you wouldn’t want to miss out on all the action.

Encore Beach Club

Location: Encore Hotel
Music: EDM, Hip-hop, Top 40
Resident DJs:   World-renowned DJs including Zedd, Steve Aoki and many more

Encore BeachThis is that club that you notice when you’re driving or walking past Encore on Las Vegas Boulevard and you think, “I wonder what it’s like to be in there?” We can tell you that when you get in there you’ll think, “Wow. I totally deserve this level of amazing because I’m that cool of a person.” OK, we might be a little full of ourselves, but Encore really is that great.

The space is surrounded by gorgeous cabanas with all the luxury elements you’d expect from a Wynn property like temperature control units with misters, balconies in the back with views of the Strip, and bungalows with private bathrooms.

When you’re not in your cushy cabana, bars lay on either side of the club so you never have to walk far to get a drink. And with the attentive staff and stellar service, you might not even have to stand up to get a drink if you’re willing to pay for bottle service or a bucket. And if you’re choosy, the liquor selection is truly huge.

If you’re into the cool but still want to chill, you can relax in lily pads and lounge chairs without ever actually leaving one of the three-tiered pools, which are separated only by walkways and the bridge in the middle, which is totally plush on its own. It has three silver poles and a circular red covering that streams down water in a rain-like flow and tops it off with misters on the outer ring. Free advice: Those aren’t stripper poles no matter how hot you think you are, or how many drinks you’ve had.

If your butt hurts from falling off a not-stripper pole, or from just being so bomb all day, plush daybeds surround the outer edges of the pools. And plenty of walking/dancing space makes this outdoor club the envy of the Las Vegas pool scene.

Encore has a full food menu at the grille. And access is easy thanks to the proximity to Wynn’s parking garage. If you can afford a bungalow, we say go for it. It’s basically like having a tiny apartment with a view of a pool club and the north part of the Strip. If you can’t, the club is fantastic for any attendee. And you can always do what we do and just tell people you’ve got a bungalow but you can’t take them there right now because of mumbled reasons, then slowly walk away without making eye contact. There are consistently enough people at Encore Beach Club that eventually someone might believe you.

Marquee Dayclub

Location: The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
Music: EDM, Hip-hop, House, Mash-ups, Top 40
Resident DJs: Chuckie, EDX, Kaskade and many others

Marquee pool partyMarquee Dayclub is, in many ways, like Marquee Nightclub. It’s got the name and the soul that brings in droves of people looking to party at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. They’ll be easy to spot queuing up on the second floor. You even head up elevators just like going to the nightclub. But once you hit the sun you know this is something totally special.

Don’t be surprised when you have to walk through an outdoor area, past the lockers and up a flight of stairs to get to the pool club once you get outside. It’s all just building the suspense. (And it’s nothing compared to the adventure of leaving through either elevators or back room stairs.)

When you finally make it to the rooftop pool club you can see the spectacular attention to detail that makes Marquee such a widely known name in the club world.

The open doors to the part of the nightclub give you a place to catch some shade, and maybe watch the gambling nearby. But when you’re ready to move out to the pool you can see just how tight the space is.

With a typical pool club layout, Marquee gives average club goers exactly what they crave — sun, fun and a DJ laying the beat. But the real appeal of Marquee is the cabanas with their own little infinite pools and hot tubs. (Don’t worry. They don’t have to be hot. This is Vegas after all.) The whole cabana area is limited to cabana renters and gives an exclusive experience that you can’t get everywhere. This is the place to be at Marquee Dayclub. It’s the luxury you want in the privacy you deserve.

Like most pool clubs, you can get every drink you can imagine, lots of surprisingly hot food for being outside in the desert and plenty of eye candy.

If you want to be a part of the party, get to Marquee and live it up in the pool. If you want to overlook the party while having one of your own, rent a cabana and experience what it’s like to be a VIP at Marquee.

Daylight Beach Club

Location: Mandalay Bay
Music: EDM, House
Resident DJs: World-renowned electronic music headliners including Alesso, Axwell, Krewella, Nicky Romero, Sebastian Ingrosso, Skrillex and more
Daylight Beach Club at Mandalay Bay is inspired by the sophisticated scene in Ibiza, complete with fine cuisine and innovative technology. But just because it’s inspired by someplace else doesn’t mean it’s not pure Vegas. Like its nighttime sister property Light Nightclub, Daylight knows how to combine the classic features of a club with exceptional design elements. But instead of creating a nightlife experience to rival clubs, Daylight has built a tropical paradise rivalling the finest beaches in the world — minus the actual sand. But it does have an abundance of space to walk around without having to step over people or potentially get knocked into the pool — unless you want to be.

The space has multiple pools and plenty of daybeds, cabanas and chaises for relaxation and pampering. And when it comes to getting up and dancing, Daylight is home to a massive stage framed by six huge LED screens that are actually pretty functional even in the bright Vegas sunshine. You’ll see world-renowned DJs here and even a concert series that runs on certain Sunday nights.

Daylight has a food menu and chic speciality drinks including The Clooney, The Baja and the Daylight White Sangria. And, like everything at Mandalay Bay, its lush elements complement the solid foundation splendidly. For an expansive pool club experience with a good mix of beauty and functionality, Daylight is a bright spot in the Vegas pool club scene.


Location: Hard Rock Hotel pool
Music: EDM, Hip-hop, House, Mash-ups, Rock, Top 40, Trance
Resident DJs: DJs Ikon, Loczi and Wellman
The name is ironic. We want you to know that so you don’t show up expecting a relaxing place to cure your vices. This Rehab is pretty much the opposite of that. Instead of long talks about your issues, you get off-the-hook parties and instead of actual resolutions, you get loads of drinks and loud music. To be clear: This is not the place for someone with serious addiction issues. Now that that’s out of the way, this is the place for everyone who has yet to accept that they have serious party addiction issues.

The sprawling Paradise Beach complex where Rehab and Hard Rock Hotel’s other pool parties take place is one of the many spots we describe as a tropical oasis.

But this one is a little different in that it’s filled with tons of crazy, awesome and crazy-awesome people — and still palm trees. The big attraction, of course, is the main pool, where you can stand around and dance with a bunch of nearly naked strangers who also aren’t actually swimming. Because let’s face it, it’s a pool club, not a pool. Although, there is a water slide that drops you into a more secluded pool area. And the bar lets you get out of the sun for a bit while you decide which drink to try next — or just what you can afford to try since the prices are a bit steeper than you might expect.

When it comes to the VIP treatment, multiple levels of cabanas are available, with different levels of seclusion and views of the pool area. You can choose to be right in the middle of the insanity or a little bit away, but still very much adjacent to said insanity.

But, if you just can’t handle any more of the absolute awesome sauce that’s spilt all over Rehab, your entry fee also gives you access to Hard Rock’s Nirvana Pool and Breathe Pool, so you can take a little bit of a break –then come back and party more.

We’re not saying Rehab is some outrageous, take no prisoners, let’s see how drunk and destructive we can get kind of party. We’re just saying that it’s not lame either. It’s got action aplenty and hundreds of people who will probably never use the word “aplenty.” And it’s the place to go when you want a party that’s potentially a bit too intense for the Las Vegas Strip but still cool enough to leave you satisfied and craving another trip to Rehab.

Tao Beach

Location: At the pool at TAO Nightclub inside the Venetian
Music: Open format, Top 40
Resident DJs: DJs Five, Vice and Eric D-Lux

Tao-smTao Beach is like the jungle oasis of the Tao lineup. With its own pool space beyond Tao Restaurant and Tao Nightclub, Tao Beach has an identity all its own — even as it borrows elements of club décor and offers food selections from the restaurant. This is a pool club that values its seclusion at Venetian but still feels open and interesting to everyone who ventures through.

For the VIP treatment, you can get one of the cabanas with air-conditioning, flat-screen TVs, gaming consoles, DVDs, WiFi and a minibar. Tao Beach offers staff members to look after you and masseuses to help you relax those tense muscles.

And like some kind of cabana Transformer, you can combine multiple units to accommodate bigger parties and larger groups. They will likely not come to life and battle for galactic supremacy. If they do come to life, they’ll probably just party with you.

Tao Beach is also home to a lot of special events as well as big-name DJs in the EDM world. Like the nightclub that it’s attached to, Tao Beach is an inspired breath of fresh air in the Vegas party scene. The club’s Asian-inspired allure is very apparent without ever feeling overly tacky or themed. It’s a tropical getaway on your desert getaway, in case you need a vacation from your vacation.


Location: The south pool at the Luxor
Music: Eclectic, EDM, Top 40
Resident DJs: DJ talent rotates

In the city that defined day life, Luxor has broken the mould with a scintillating alternative — Temptation Sundays. Now in its fifth year, this LGBT pool party invites all guests to give in to temptation with captivating themes, cool drink specials, hot bodies and even hotter music every Sunday at Luxor’s North Pool.

A great LGBT pool event in Las Vegas for tourists and locals alike, Temptation Sundays are specially tailored for an alternative crowd but welcomes everyone looking for a great day at the pool with fun people and groovy tunes. J.Son from and hosts Temptation Sundays every week.

Luxor’s Temptation Sundays offer unique themes and parties each week to ensure the experience is always fresh and exciting. Expect huge bashes for holidays like Memorial Day weekend and Las Vegas PRIDE in September.

Venus Pool Club

Location: Caesars Palace.
Music: Eclectic, EDM, Top 40
Resident DJs: DJs vary
Venus Pool Club is the place to relax and rejuvenate poolside like the goddess you are — or at least like the goddess the good people at Caesars Palace want to make you feel like you are. And it’s okay if you’re just a devil like us, they cater to all kinds. This is also a topless club, so keep your devilishness in check. Although, at Venus, the toplessness seems less about scandal and more about making sure your entire body is pampered.

When you inevitably can’t reach your back to apply sunscreen or are too chill to try, suntan lotion application can be done poolside by one of the folks from Qua Baths & Spa — for a small fee of course. Massages and wraps are also available. It’s like bringing the spa to the pool and having all the luxury you crave right where you want it.

The space itself boasts fully stocked cabanas for rent as well as chaises, all with access to plenty of frozen drinks and cocktails. The shrubbery and decor set it off from the rest of the Caesars pool area, so you don’t have to worry about nosy kids peeking in on you while you lay out topless enjoying your foot massage. And, being open seven days a week, you can avoid many of the crazier weekend crowds by heading to Venus on a weekday. But we recommend hitting up this club at whatever moment you feel most like a goddess. For us, that’s usually every second of every day.

Drai’s Beach Club

Location: On the rooftop of The Cromwell
Music: EDM, Top 40
Resident DJs: A mix of big-name and the best undiscovered DJs around

drais Pool PartyDrai’s Beach Club is perched 11 stories above the Las Vegas Strip on the rooftop of The Cromwell. And its view is exactly as spectacular as you’d expect from that locale. You’re safe from falling over the edge thanks to tall glass — or probably some sort of plastic — walls. But your sights are far from restricted. When you eventually turn back to the pool club itself and quit pretending that all the people walking in front of Caesars are just ants waiting for you to judge them with your godly wrath, you’ll see the true beauty of Drai’s Beach Club.

The space has large pools that are slightly elevated so you have to step into them, which is a nice addition for anyone who’s ever set the phone or purse next to the pool only to have it fall in five seconds later.

And the palm trees around the pools give just enough shade to make you feel like you’re swimming it someplace sort of secret, even though everyone can totally see you.

When you’re renting a cabana, you can go high or low. Take a daybed by the edge to get views of the Strip, or go for the second-level cabanas to gaze over everyone in the pool. Either way, you get VIP service and an amazing view. And when you can’t take the sun anymore and need to experience a cool place, there’s a small bar in one corner that’s always nice and chill.

Drai’s Beach Club, like the connected Drai’s Nightclub, gets some of the top DJs and musical performers in the world. We won’t even begin to try to list them, but you can always find top quality music and shows at Drai’s. Whether you want to lay out by yourself, people watch and people splash or stare down at the Bellagio Fountains and pretend they’re dancing just for your amusement (are we the only megalomaniacal ones who do stuff like that?), Drai’s Beach Club is an exceptional club among the already incredible Drai’s family.

If you’re staying at the Cromwell, you’ll even receive two free passes per room to Drai’s Beach Club or Drai’s Nightclub. And if you want to take a dip in a pool but don’t want the club atmosphere of Drai’s, Cromwell guests also receive complimentary access to Flamingo or Caesars Palace pools. Just show your room key and enjoy.


Location: On the third level of The Palazzo
Music: EDM, Top 40
Resident DJs: Varies

Azure is modelled after the Côte d’Azur, better known as the French Riviera. But just because something is better known doesn’t mean it’s better. We happen to think Azure is très magnifique. Woohoo! We spelt French words right on the first try. But back to the magnificent pool club. Azure features beautiful shades of blue throughout has the elegance of a spa, but busts out live music like the classiest club around.

Two pools are spread across the club for swimming or just standing in the water and looking sexy. Speciality cocktails like the coconutty Costa Azura give you a taste of the beach, or you could go for a bottle of Moët & Chandon to savour/show off. Whatever you choose, even if it’s just cool, refreshing water, it’ll bring you that much more satisfaction for having chosen Vegas over that other beach environment way across the ocean.

If you’re hungry, Azure offers poolside eats from Wolfgang Puck’s Solaro restaurant. Appetizers include everything from chilled shrimp cocktail and grilled steak satays to refreshing salads. In addition to a flavorful pizza selection, entrée items include grilled chicken panini, fish tacos and grilled prime hamburger with Vermont white cheddar and red onion marmalade aioli, to name a few. Sample the sushi and sashimi platter, or of course, you can never go wrong with a fruit platter of juicy watermelon, pineapple, orange and melon slices.

Each of the 11 air-conditioned cabanas come equipped with a refrigerator stocked with chilled towels and water. Other amenities include a flat-screen TV and an iPad so you can still be a part of the digital world during your breaks from the sun and fun. We’re not saying Azure is better than France in every way, we’re just heavily implying it.

Moorea Beach Club

Location: Mandalay Bay
Music: EDM, Top 40
Resident DJs: DJs vary

Moorea pool partyGuests at the Vegas Moorea can enjoy private cabanas with flat-screen TVs, refrigerators, plush seating, exemplary service and even a private pool — stuff you can’t always get on a beach. But if you’d like to get the true beach feel, you can rest in a lounge chair, daybed or opium bed. Note: An opium bed is a specific type of large bed with solid sides. It does not include opium. But they do come with a lockbox for you to safely store your phone, wallet and the empty space that you would never, ever try to fill with drugs.

For those wanting to be more secluded, there are additional cabana-like villas located three floors up where guests will get a bird’s-eye view of the pool club, the adjacent Mandalay Beach and any concerts held there.

The three villas have their own private bathrooms in addition to the same amenities offered at the lower-level cabanas. But nothing says high-end like the Grand Villa, located next to the three upper-level cabanas. It boasts five flat-screen TVs, a private bar, sofas and the ultimate show of opulence: a stripper pole.

Hot tubs, frozen drink dispensers and “living rooms” complete with sofas so you can relax as you watch the waves are all a part of this expansive pool club. With views of Mandalay Beach, you’ll feel like you found an island in the desert. And with all the amenities and beautiful lounge areas available around the pool club, you may never want to leave. But you’ll have to. They close eventually and you have a life to go back to. Moorea will be waiting for you next time.

Palms Pool and Dayclub

Location: The pool at the Palms Casino Resort
Music: EDm, Top 40
Resident DJs: Various

Palms Pool and Dayclub brings entertainment poolside with its special events and decked out party cabanas. Ordinary cabanas just protect you from the sun in between dips in the pool and races to the bathroom and give you that exclusive feeling of having a bit of canvas and wood in between you and the riff-raff — or Riff Raff if that guy shows up.

But Palms Pool and Dayclub also include gaming consoles like Xbox, PS3 and old school NES, so you can ignore other humans even while you’re at a pool party. But the fun doesn’t stop there.

Select Mondays throughout the season feature “Cabanas for a Cause” when cabanas can be purchased for a minimum $100 donation to the featured charity of the week. Just imagine how fun it would be to pause your game of Mario Kart to tell the hotties walking by that you bought your cabana to benefit something like skin cancer research.

Cabanas and daybeds must be reserved with a food and beverage minimum, but the lounge chairs are first come, first served. The full space also has lily pads available for those willing to brave the sun. And DJs bring the music so you don’t feel obligated to make small talk while you’re wearing a skimpy bathing suit. They’ve also got food to give you an excuse to stay out of the pool without having to admit that the chlorine irritates your bikini wax. One food option is “Atomic” wings, just in case, the Vegas weather isn’t hot enough for you. And of course, they’ve got plenty of drinks to keep you hydrated, or at least too drunk to realize you’re sweating vodka.

Sapphire Pool and Dayclub

Location: South end of Sapphire Las Vegas.
Music: EDM, Hip-hop, House, Mash-ups, Top 40
Resident DJs: HardNox

Sapphire Las Vegas, the world’s largest gentlemen’s club, has a sexy summer afternoon attraction in Sapphire Pool & Day Club. In case you didn’t know, “gentlemen’s club” is code for a strip club. We just wanted to rip off those pasties quickly so there was no confusion. That said, don’t expect a ton of stripping at the pool club. But do expect a party that knows how to go nuts.

Loads of beautiful women sunbathe and party at Sapphire. And not all of them are being paid to be there. The go-go dancers definitely are. But they’re talented.

Sapphire has daybeds, lounge chairs and 11 decked-out cabanas encircling a rectangular-shaped pool. You can change and store personal items in a country club-style locker room. And you can grab a bite at the Sapphire Grill, which features everything from quick snacks to full meals like burgers and pizza. Bottle service and plenty of drinks are also available.

One advantage to being located at a strip club is the complimentary limousine service direct from your hotel. You don’t have to worry about walking to the club in your pool gear or getting in a cab in your swimsuit. Just order the limo and you’re off to the fun.

The Voo

Location: At the Rio
Music: House, Open format, Top 40
Resident DJs: Live DJs vary

The Voo is a secluded dayclub at the Rio offering an adults-only atmosphere. European (i.e., topless) sunbathing is allowed by guests who want to avoid tan lines. Seven cabanas and numerous daybeds surround the waterfall-packed pool. Go-go dancers, flair bartenders and some of the hottest DJs in Las Vegas are among the amenities at this vibrant pool club. Poolside spa treatments round out the VIP options. Two full-service bars — the Cruzan Island Bar and VooDoo Beach Bar — and a dining menu are also available.