How to stay within budget in Vegas

As the nightlife and pool parties continue to grow in Las Vegas, the ‘Independent nightclub host’ popularity is also on the increase, making it one of the fastest-growing occupations in the last 5 years in Vegas.  ‘The key to successful nightclub hosting is being transparent and honest to clients, whether you are an independent promoter, working for several clubs or one club directly.  The right thing must be done because tourist will expect the experience of a lifetime when visiting Las Vegas’.


At VIPandVegas, we understand that tourists visit Las Vegas for a longer duration and on many occasions in bigger groups, with an average stay of 5-7 nights.  With a larger group comes additional responsibility for the group leader, who will be organizing the whole trip and making it worthwhile, this is where VIPandVegas can step in and help.  We don’t advise you blow all your money in one night but spread it out over your stay and enjoy every night in Las Vegas the max.  Bottle service at nightclubs can be costly, at VIPandVegas we are clear in our communication and paint a 100 percent accurate picture of what you will receive.  This includes where you will be sitting, the DJ playing that night and the beverages you will receive, it is your right that this is laid out in front of you to make the best decision for your time in Las Vegas.

By creating a Las Vegas package to suit everyone’s budget, we will make sure that the whole group is satisfied with what they have paid for.  This also includes the right flights and hotel, no matter what your budget is individually.  At VIPandVegas, we aim to provide a great, honest and reliable service to represent Las Vegas with the service and sophistication it deserves.