It’s crazy to get married in Las Vegas, which is why it’s awesome.

Tying the knot?  What better location then the fabulous Las Vegas.  It’s crazy to get married in Las Vegas, which is why it’s awesome.  Vegas and weddings are the perfect match.

You enter the little white chapel with Elvis officiating and wearing the same clothes you had on when you met your partner – four hours earlier!  That is the norm story of each wedding when you get hitched in Las Vegas, you can do anything.  There are no limits, no blood test, no waiting, and no judgment.

The perfect wedding

If you want the perfect wedding and need months to plan it, then you can do that too to make your perfect wedding.  Made a terrible mistake? No worries, Nevada Divorce Centre on Rainbow and Washington does annulments for $199.

At VIPandVegas, we cLas Vegas Weddingsan help organise any type of wedding you desire in Las Vegas, at the same time arranging your Stag/Hen and your honeymoon, a truly one-stop-shop. We know all the best places and also the ones to avoid. Here are some wedding ideas from VIPandVegas:

  • Weddings at Special Memory Chapel
  • Weddings at most Las Vegas Hotels
  • Weddings at The Little White Chapel
  • Drive Thru Weddings
  • Weddings at the Grand Canyon
  • Weddings at the Las Vegas Sign
  • Night Flight Las Vegas Weddings
  • Weddings at Lake Las Vegas
  • Themed Las Vegas Weddings

Just give us a call at VIPandVegas and let’s have a chat about how crazy or how beautiful we can make your wedding at the fabulous city of Las Vegas.